Welcome to the Team Stephanie Jade Arborn!

Stephanie ArbornStephanie has been a part of the dance industry for years! She started dancing hip hop at Georgio’s American Dance Centre in 2003 and never stopped dancing after that. After Georgio’s, she danced for Lake Mary Allstars which is now called Legendary Athletics. She was on their top competitive dance teams until the age of 18, and then immediately became a coach after. Stephanie coached every single hip hop team that Legendary Athletics offered as an assistant to Dana Evancoe. After 2 years of coaching, Stephanie became the Assistant Dance Director for Legendary. Not long after that she became a part of Studio One and she is currently a member on theSQUAD. In addition to that, she is also the founder and director of Ladies Choice. Stephanie is excited to be a part of the Elevate team and to take another step into her career as a choreographer and director.