Vocal coach, Songwriter, and Producer Jesse Nemitz

Exclusive to Elevate Studios from Nashville, Tennessee – Introducing Jesse Nemitz

If you are passionate about improving your vocal ability, considering a possible career in voice, or just have a performance or audition coming up that you need fine tuning, schedule a voice lesson with Jesse Nemitz.  The newest addition to our amazing staff, Jesse Nemitz is a singer, song-writer, producer, who comes to us via Skype from the musical capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee.

Jesse knows first hand the frustration singers go through when they get “stuck” at a certain level and can’t move on.  After seeking and finding answers to his own vocal issues; Jesse found his voice completely transformed and has become an expert on how to help other artists do the same.

Take your lesson in the comfort of your own home on your computer. You have never had a voice lesson quite like this and you will find yourself using the recording to practice the techniques you learned over and over.

Due to his unique background and real-world music industry experience, Jesse is the perfect coach for recording artists; having essential knowledge of the specific demands required of studio singing. Jesse also has extensive touring experience and provides life-saving preventative maintenance and therapy for singers who need a reliable voice through the most strenuous circumstances.

Having coached artists from every major record label, the Metropolitan Opera and even Broadway, Jesse is an obvious choice for the serious singer. He is also the perfect professional to give career guidance, so your lesson can be booked for artist track advice at the same price.

Lessons are available one at a time or as a package and packages never expire.  Jesse is a busy producer, so lesson availability is very limited.  Book your voice lesson or career guidance session now!

*Lesson Pricing is as follows:
$145- single lesson
4  class package- $540.00 ($135.00 for each lesson)
8  class package- $1000.00 ($125.00 for each lesson)
10 class package- $1250.00 ($125.00 for each lesson)

Phone: 407.333.0021
Email: info@elevatestudios.org