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Mark is launching his New Production YouTube Channel

Hey everyone! New things are happening at Elevate Studios and it’s really exciting! A lot of new ventures are on the horizon and we’ll be talking about them soon. We’d like to start off by having you all check out our Technical Director’s new YouTube Channel. Mark Izzo has been a staff member since the […]

Come Sing and Dance with our Elevate LIVE performance group

We are looking for new talent!! This could be you! Join Elevate Studios and our Elevate LIVE program where you get to sing and dance as well as perform all around central Florida. Elevate “LIVE” is a unique element of Elevate Studios. Performers of all ages and skill levels are put together forming various entertainment […]

Book a Recording Session Now!

Elevate Studios is now booking recording sessions at a discounted price!  If you book a session between now and October 31st, you can record for only $45 an hour between now and the end of 2015. For the next two months you can come in and book your session for as many hours as needed […]

Are You Getting Ready to Record an Album? Part 3

Part 3 of 3 Now you are nearing the end of the process. At this step you are going to be recording and then mastering your album. After you record your tracks, it’s a good idea to take them home and listen to them. It’s ok if they are rough mixes to start, this will make […]