Jeni Valtinson – Administrative Coordinator & Vocal Coach

Dance Coach

Jeni Valtinson is excited to have joined the Elevate Studios as an Administrative Assistant. She also steps in as a sub for various classes and offering her creative ideas to the team! Here’s a short synopsis of her background and talents.


Jeni is an Orlando singer/songwriter who just released her debut album ‘happy girl, sad songs’. Poised vocals paired with honest lyrics and sincere melodies have deemed Valtinson a “first-rate diamond in the rough.” (Fingertips Music) Born with a love of music that only grew as she did, Valtinson started as a classical musician before discovering her indie folk sound.


A multi-instrumentalist, Valtinson plays oboe, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and even the occasional kazoo. Describing herself as a band nerd, Valtinson finds her favorite instrument for expression is her voice. Her first foray into lyric writing began with simple poems and has evolved into the emotional, honest lyrics that can be heard on her forthcoming debut album.


Working with a number of Orlando musicians on vocal arrangements and as a co-producer on her own projects, Valtinson has insight into the local music scene unlike most. Her debut album is a stunning blend of pop, indie, and folk sounds that create “lovely, potent stuff.” (Fingertips Music)
Valtinson is also a licensed cosmetologist working at a salon in Winter Park. She enjoys editorial styling and designing cuts and color that uniquely fit the individual.