Cheryl Ritchie  – Founder/Executive Director

Cheryl Ritchie is the Founder and Executive Director of Elevate Studios. Her education is a Bachelor of Music Education from Stetson University.


Cheryl taught private piano lessons after graduation, eventually hiring a second teacher and location. She continued to teach Beginner/ Intermediate piano to young children for several years, holding recitals and taking students to state Music Competitions.


When her daughter was 6 years old, Cheryl discovered her talent and passion for music and singing and found a vocal coach who specialized in young talent. As a result of her early lessons, her daughter was asked to perform at various venues in Orlando with other young artists.


After a year of voice lessons and many hours of frustrating searches for appropriate music for her 7 year old, Cheryl saw a need for karaoke tracks for young children and Co-produced an album called Karaoke Kids, USA which sold on Amazon and in local stores which also led to her daughter being hired to sing at a business convention in Las Vegas at 8 years old.


Throughout the ensuing years as she involved her daughter in various performing arts programs and private lessons, Cheryl noticed that the programs that were offered always lacked something that she, as a parent, wished they had. Whether it was the youth opera, musical theatre, dance class or private lessons, the opportunities for performing and training in all aspects of the arts was missing.

When her daughter graduated from high school, Cheryl took her to Nashville, Tennessee and where she worked with a world-renowned vocal coach on vocal technique and songwriting and who further expanded Cheryl’s knowledge of the performing arts and what it took to make it in the industry.


Therefore, in 2012, when a fledgling performance group asked her to step in and start a new company, Cheryl was excited to make all her dreams for a holistic program for kids come true, offering programs in singing, dancing and acting and creating real-life experiences for young artists and exposing them to all aspects of the performing arts. Cheryl, along with her talented team, planned programs and performances to give students opportunities and build confidence in themselves and their talents.


Cheryl is very excited about what the future holds for Elevate Studios as the team continually plans new life changing experiences for their students!


(Another serendipity from producing the Karaoke Kids USA album, is that another talented young singer on the recording was Sarah Newton, who is currently our Program Director)