New Vocal Class Teacher

“Music is more than just cool lyrics and a funky beat. It is an expression of one’s emotions throughout their life in song. Music can either make you forget the bad or it can set you free; either way, you chose the outcome.” – Megan Shuck.  

Megan has always been passionate about music! She wrote her first song at 8-years old and recorded it at age 12. Megan spent her youth entering local vocal competitions and began singing on her worship team at church. She continued to write her own lyrics and also learned how to harmonize, work with other people, and “lead out” on songs. At 22 years old, Megan began working for Markham Woods Christian Academy as a pre-school assistant and eventually worked as their music teacher. While there, she wrote and directed a play for her students, age 2 – 8th grade.  During that time while looking to expand her range and challenge herself to a deeper level, Megan began working with phenomenal vocal coach, Gerry Williams.  Megan took lessons with Gerry and after sharing her songs with him they recorded some of them. Gerry introduced her to Jonathon Masters who invited her to join his band.  They began performing throughout Central Florida including Lakeland’s famous charity event, “Pig Fest” where over 30,000 were in attendance. They also recorded Jonathan’s video “Slide it Home (remix)” at The Barn in Sanford. Soon after, Megan was asked to join Gerry’s band called The Gerry Williams Band and continued singing with both bands until she met her husband, who she recently married. Megan continues to write and loves to sing as often as she can.

She is passionate about helping others find their confidence and encourage them to push forward in achieving their dreams.  Megan is excited about making a difference for her students at Elevate!