Meet our Audio Engineer Mark Izzo

Ciara and Mark Studio

Mark, you are the audio engineer for Elevate Studios.  Tell us more about what an audio engineer does?

Audio Engineering is a fancy way to say that you record music. It’s my job to try and get the best sound, best performance, and mix the best sounding song I can. What’s tough about what I do is I can’t make everything sound good, haha. That is always a big misconception about Audio Engineers. If what you record doesn’t sound good, generally after it’s mixed it won’t sound too different. My job is always the best when I get to record people with a lot of talent, because it feels effortless to make them sound good. That’s why in a recording session there is generally a Producer, Engineer and Assistant Engineer. You need all of them to get a great recording. I just have to wear all 3 hats.

How did you get into this kind of work? Tell us a little about your background? How did you get started in recording?

Well, I have always been into the Arts, and started to draw at the age of 8. I started playing guitar at 16 and just became engulfed in music. I loved listening to it, playing it, and of course, wanted to record it. I started dabbling with recording music by age 19 with a small analog 4 track. I knew that music was going to be my career. But I didn’t know if it would be playing it or recording it. Well the whole playing it thing didn’t work out for me, so recording it seemed to be the way to go. I was self-taught for recording and playing guitar. I then worked at a music store for 4 years where I learned more about different gear, and was always the person that setup sound for clinics at our store. I then went to school for sound in 2004 and the rest is history.

I understand that you were a musician before you started doing tech work and had a successful run playing guitar in a band.  What was it like performing with a rock band?

It’s an unbelievable feeling to write and play music for people. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it was mine for sure. I still miss playing shows live, but it’s tougher now a day to be able to play in a band. You really have to sacrifice everything in your life if you really want to GO FOR IT. Everything has to come second, your family, your friends, your job, and even your kids if you have them. That’s not for me anymore, but I would love you play shows just for fun and not serious anymore. We had a great run for 12 years. We played at some great venues like Sun Fest in West Palm Beach, Biketoberfest in Daytona, and many Hard Rock Live shows to mention a few. We even played a showcase for Sony and Wind Up Records. Nothing came out of it since it was 2007 when the economy took a plunge, but you never know what could have been if it was different times. My band still plans to do a second album (even though we live in different states) that will be do out sometime 2015.

What are some of the production services you provide for us at Elevate Studios?  

Here at Elevate I provide recording services for students and outside talent that comes in. We can do anything from recording what you have to even writing and producing songs for you if you’d like. We can also do audio or video editing and transfer VHS tapes to DVD, which seems pretty big right now. A lot of people with VHS tapes from the 80s and 90s are trying to transfer them over because after about 12 years you start to see a major difference in quality. I already did that for all my parents home movies :).