Looking to get into Acting? It’s never too late to start!

The head of our Acting department is Hank Stone who has appeared in over 60 films, TV shows and commercials. Hank also teaches acting and theatre classes at the University level and knows how to help his students become “working actors”. At Elevate Studios, located in the Orlando area, Hank offers classes in Beginning Acting, On-Camera Commercial Technique, Adult Acting Classes, and Improv. Elevate Studios also offers a summer camp called “Lights, Camera, Action!” were students will learn to slate, read monologues and scripts as well as learn film making terminology and what it’s like to be “on set”.

Check out new Improv classes for all ages! Also, learn what it takes to do a commercial on Tv in Hank’s On-Camera Commercial Technique classes. If you prefer the stage to the camera, sign up now for Acting for Theatre!