Come Sing and Dance with our Elevate LIVE performance group

We are looking for new talent!! This could be you!

Join Elevate Studios and our Elevate LIVE program where you get to sing and dance as well as perform all around central Florida.

Elevate “LIVE” is a unique element of Elevate Studios. Performers of all ages and skill levels are put together forming various entertainment groups that perform “LIVE”, concert-like shows at various community and private events. The Elevate “LIVE” Touring Group program is not designed to take place of regular classes and or private lessons but was created to allow talented singers, dancers and performers many opportunities to perform “LIVE” on stage and gain real life experience. Each group rehearses 2 hours per week on their group show pieces. Within each rehearsal the performers work on original choreography, lyrics, vocal parts, performance techniques, stamina and team work.

There is still time to get in on the Fall 2017 season. Call us today at 407.333.0021 or email us at info@elevatestudios.org