Artist Development

About our Artist Development Program


Artist Development is an exciting and unique program which focuses on taking students to the next LEVEL in the performing arts! Our goal is to enrich entertainment knowledge, grow skills and fully prepare our students for the highs and lows they may encounter in the industry. There is no golden ticket to success, but there is proper preparation and dedication to growth. Self-Confidence and leadership skills are a natural outcome of being part of our programs and our mission is to provide multiple performance opportunities in which we provide the chance to learn and prepare for whatever their future goals may be. 

We offer multiple options with training in singing, dancing, acting as well as instruments such as guitar and piano and specialty "tech" classes. Our Talent Director will meet with each family to assess motivation and suitability for the program as well as the child's goals. Whether a beginner or advanced, we are always excited to welcome new talent to the Elevate family!

Dance Training


Beginner Hip Hop

Intermediate Hip Hop

Advanced Hip Hop

Pop Jamz


Vocal Training


Vocal Technique I/II

Vocal Performance I/II

Acting Training

Acting for Non-Readers

Acting I/II