Are You Getting Ready to Record an Album? Part 3

IMG_3251Part 3 of 3

Now you are nearing the end of the process. At this step you are going to be recording and then mastering your album. After you record your tracks, it’s a good idea to take them home and listen to them. It’s ok if they are rough mixes to start, this will make sure that your playing and/or signing is on point. Make sure you are happy with what you recorded. If not, take notes and go back into the studio and finish up your songs. Sometime you and the Engineer need a fresh set of ears, so make sure you take those mixes home and listen to them on another day.

After you do you final mixes, give them another listen as well. Make sure you hear the song the way you intended on it to be heard. Feel free to get feedback from other people on how your mix sounds. Be careful though, if you are taking it to another Engineer to listen to, they may not record or mix the same way and not like it. Listen for words like, “I would have done”, or “If I recorded you”. It doesn’t mean your mix sounds bad, they are just giving their opinion on how they like to record or mix. So going back to my last blog, make sure you are happy with the Engineer you picked to work on your Album. So the take away from this is, feel free to let people listen to you mixes before you go to mastering, but if it’s another Engineer listening, just take it for what it’s worth and make sure that its constructive feedback. Try to get out of the trap of, “What I would do”.

You can rerecord and remix as much as you want, just remember it will cost more money though, so maximize your time!

As for mastering, It depends on what you are doing with your music. Is it to book shows? Is it for people to hear you? Is it to sell albums? Are you selling digitally or hard copies? You most likely answered these questions when you picked a studio, so you want to stick with your answer when choosing your Mastering Studio. If it’s to book shows, you most likely won’t need to master unless you have the money to spend. Most studios can help push, or increase your overall level on your tracks. If you want to do that let them know. If you are going to a high end Mastering Studios, you won’t want them to do that so keep the volume down a little on your tracks. And choose the best to go to in your price range. Some CD duplicating facilities offer Mastering, but it’s hit and miss. Choose…. but choose wisely.

Mark Izzo
– Elevate Studios