Are You Getting Ready to Record an Album? Part 2


Part 2 of 3

To continue on from last blog, you want to maximize your time in the recording studio and not waste your money. One of the most important steps is the pre-recording process, or the pre-production process. During this time you should spend most of it practicing your songs, and fixing all the little parts that you haven’t totally worked out. Also make sure you have your songs laid up and how many you want to do. The worst part is going into a studio and thinking you have enough time to add one more song. Usually that one extra song is the one that runs up your budget very quick.

Last, make sure you pick the right studio. Are you looking to record an album to sell CD’s or sell digitally (iTunes, Amazon). Or is this something you need to book gigs, or want to show your friends. After you answer this question then you can decide on a bigger studio or a small home studio. Just because you pick a “home” recording studio doesn’t mean it actually is a bad studio. Many people purchase high quality gear and put it in there home to keep the costs down of having a building to rent. When you pick a studio, just make sure it has everything you need for the price you want.

Picking the right studio and finding an engineer you can work with can take time. Sometimes you hit it on the first shot, and other times you need to give them a second chance. You’ll know when you found the right place.

-Mark Izzo
Elevate Studios