5 Things You Need to Begin Your Career in Entertainment

I often get asked many times, “What do I need to get started?” Wether you are a singer, dancer, actor, performer or a musician, you pretty much all need the same things. To get started in the entertainment industry you need a sort of press kit or portfolio to give to potential agents, clients, promotors and so forth. Here are 5 things you need to get yourself started.

  1. Headshots/Pictures – Headshots are the first impression a casting director or agent sees. Consider it your “business card” for yourself or your child. Consider a few things when you get your headshots. What type of role are you trying to get? Are you going for a certain look to land a certain role? What kind of singer are you and does your photos represent that? Also, don’t be a country band and look like you’re a metal band. You don’t have to break the bank on headshots, but find someone with experience doing them, and keep them updated as needed.
  2. Resume – A resume can help list your experiences and wide range of abilities. Think outside the box too. It doesn’t have to be a paper resume like if you were looking for a job. This can be digital, a website, or another form of media. Use this to highlight special skills of yours. Also, avoid using home phone numbers. Use a cell phone and email that you can check quickly and frequently. Don’t list items like your age or address.
  3. Demo Reel – While this isn’t necessary when beginning your career, it can certainly help you. Try to add anything you’ve done that is relevant. Keep building your demo reel as new things come about and try to keep it to your best work.
  4. Training – Any field in entertainment is a competitive business, so you want to keep up with everything going on. Sometimes it takes more than just luck to get a gig. It’s a mixture of luck, talent and opportunity.  Find someone that can train you and grow you artistically. Find someone that works well with you, pushes you, and can help you get some of those opportunities.
  5. Audition Material/Portfolio – This goes along with your Resume and Demo Reel. Make sure you have material that shows off your ability if asked. If you are going into acting, make sure you have a few monologues memorized. If you’re a singer, make sure you feel comfortable singing A capella if asked. Same goes for dance and performing. Be prepared even if you don’t need to be, because you never know when your chance will come about.

One extra side note, having support from friends and family are also very important for you and your career.

– Mark Izzo
Elevate Studios Recording Engineer