20 Reasons You Might Suck at Singing

This is a great blog from Benny Meza, a Certified Brett Manning Associate.

You might suck at singing if…

1. You smile when singing sad songs, like a little choir girl.
2. You sing songs that are out of your comfortable singing range.
3. The musical genre you’ve chosen does not suit the sound of your voice. (i.e. you have a reggae sound, but do opera)
4. You never warm up your voice before singing.
5. You try to sound like someone you’re not.
6. You can’t do vocal runs well, but you do them anyway.
7. You sing out of tune.
8. You use vibrato on every note.
9. You flex your glutes when you sing.
10. You sing like there’s an egg at the back of your throat. (a la Kermit the Frog)
11. You sing at the wrong parts of the song.
12. You stick your tongue out on high notes.
13. You eat foods that affect your voice negatively right before singing.
14. You take singing lessons from a vocal coach who can’t sing.
15. You know the emotion a song was meant to convey, but disregard it and just try to show off your voice.
16. You hold your stomach when you sing.
17. You jut your jaw when you sing. (This is okay if you’re a butt rock vocalist.)
18. You only get feedback on your singing from people who don’t know what they’re talking about.
19. You’re never yourself. (The greatest singers have voices that are unique and unmistakably their own.)
20. You’ve never taken a singing lesson. (You’re only missing out on getting a diagnosis about the state of your technique and how to improve it, which would lead to mastery over time.)